Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I sold one of my dresses from collection "S├Ąde". As I am not that good business woman the new dress owner got that dress with 60euros. So it is below original price. But the client wanted to do some changes to the dress. She wanted shoulders to be covered, but orginal dress was without sleeves.

Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm having a great time with my new look. I know that hair colour can't affect our character, but... Now that my hair is red and shorter I'm feeling more confident and cheerful. Now I feel like really ME. My natural colour is blond, but I've also had brown and black hair.

The dress I'm wearing is from S'NOB. I took part from a Facebook game and won it. And the makeup I'm having is from Loreal make-up artist and it was also free (did not cost anything). So who said there is no free lunch.

I have coloured hair myself and let the hair stylist to it. First time when I coloured my hair brown it was with Loreal Casting Creme. It was a beautiful colour, but stayed uniform after second colouring. Then I wanted a bit darker brown hair, but here I made a mistake. I did not know that 400 dark brown makes hair black. So I was black for a long time. But sometimes enough is enough and I got bored of it. I went to hairdresser and she made a colour wash. It did not damage my hair. After colour wash my hair was a little reddish. After that I spent a year without hair colouring and was bored again. And now I am red and happy. But it is hard to maintain red hair, it fades quickly. To keep the colour I use KC Professional Colour Mask (Pepper). Yes it works!


Friday, November 2, 2012

So what's fashionable in my make-up bag at the moment?

Isadora Light Touch foundation (50nude) is
soft and natural on the skin and it smells so good. It is a natural radiant make-up with SPF 15.

COST: in Estonia it is about 23euros

This is my alltime favourite mascara from PUPA. It is named Diva's Lashes

  Make Up Store blush makes your cheeks look like young innocent girl's cheeks.

COST: 11.90euros

For more information!    Lovely colour!!! COST: about 6euros

I designed this shoe for ABC Shoe and magazine Mood competition. Of course I don't win because there are so many great shoe sketches.

And yes my shoe is too ordinary, but it is so me :). So me means round nose, somekind of pattern and colourful.

Shoe is made from leather and yellow fabric with pattern. Zip is behind the heel. Heel is about 8cm high.