Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hello world. I'm Egle. I think I can draw, but have never learned it (they say "art is to see the art in art). I guess I know something about fashion design, but I can sew as much as I learned in 12 years in school (and it is little). But still I won Moedepoo 2012 (in Estonia) on April 6 year 2012 in student category. I saw the advertisement in the newspaper and thought why not to try. I had nothing to lose, if only money, but it's better lose/spend money on your dreams.

I wanted to become fashion designer since I was little girl. But it took 25 years to get the courage to try designer profession not until year 2011 in December (the day I saw advertisement).

I had drawn many sketches earlier. Since I had no experience as a designer it was not easy. I did not know if I was doing right in choosing the models, sewer, fabric or costumes.

I have graduated the Public Service Academy (as administrative officer), so nobody expected from me to deal with fashion and the contest that I won. Personally I was not suprised because I believed in me. And I thought if I do not win then at least I tried and gave my best. Winning the contest gave me the statement that I am doing right thing and I should continue with it.

Right now I am at my comfort zone and working as a usual office rat. I am waiting for a push to start with my own business to offer people my creation. Perhaps the fear is stopping me. It is the fear of responsibility and inexperience.