Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm having a great time with my new look. I know that hair colour can't affect our character, but... Now that my hair is red and shorter I'm feeling more confident and cheerful. Now I feel like really ME. My natural colour is blond, but I've also had brown and black hair.

The dress I'm wearing is from S'NOB. I took part from a Facebook game and won it. And the makeup I'm having is from Loreal make-up artist and it was also free (did not cost anything). So who said there is no free lunch.

I have coloured hair myself and let the hair stylist to it. First time when I coloured my hair brown it was with Loreal Casting Creme. It was a beautiful colour, but stayed uniform after second colouring. Then I wanted a bit darker brown hair, but here I made a mistake. I did not know that 400 dark brown makes hair black. So I was black for a long time. But sometimes enough is enough and I got bored of it. I went to hairdresser and she made a colour wash. It did not damage my hair. After colour wash my hair was a little reddish. After that I spent a year without hair colouring and was bored again. And now I am red and happy. But it is hard to maintain red hair, it fades quickly. To keep the colour I use KC Professional Colour Mask (Pepper). Yes it works!


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