Friday, September 27, 2013

My friend asked if I have neglected my fashion corner. The answer must be yes. I have been joyless lately, no motivation to do something. Maybe because I quited my work on August 16 to travel to Australia and work there about year. I was so scared that I can not cope there and I didn't go.

But there is one fashion show that I went and it needs to be written about. The Marimo exclusive Autumn / Winter 2013/2014 Collection Presentation took place on September 12. So far it has been my most favourite collection from Marimo.

Clothes were very feminine and beautiful. You could wear them at work or you can go to the party. And I was happy to see that the collection had colours, to me it is very important because the colours affect people's mood and catch the eye.

Designer Mariliis Soobard describes her collection as following:

Some clothes are unique. Exclusive and high quality pieces that catch your eye and steal your heart. They are too good to be hidden away in the closet for long. They're meant to be worn - many times and in many ways. They're meant for the person who knows who she is and where she's going. They're meant for you.

You can see the clothes, but also look below (pictures taken from Marimo Fashion Facebook page).

Mariliis Soobard gave opportunity to Emma ja Theo (children's wear collection) to introduce their collection. Very beautiful clothes for boys and girls and if I had children I would buy these clothes. Look for more clothes

But have you ever seen something like this? This is so called tieapron and designed by Andres Labi. It was also part of the fashion show.

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