Monday, April 15, 2013

ERKI's casting is done. Girls there were very young, some were 12-13 years old. Me and my friend 26 and 25 years. I think we were the oldest.

But one person noticed us. She asked if we want to wear jewelry made of glass. We were like okay. She took our names, but said nothing is really sure yet. But were like cool.

My legs were shaking a little when I had to make my catwalk. But I think I did good. But problem is I am too short, maybe they did not notice that I am old :D.

They measured me. It seems I have grown 1cm, it means I am 166cm tall or can I say short :D. But the other measures went bigger too :D.

I know I did not measure myself wrongly at home. But what can I say.

My measures taken on casting:

Bust: 85
Waist: 65
Hips: 95

More information about ERKI's Fashion Show you can find here

And we did not make it to the ERKI's stage. Too old, too short???

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