Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Estonia we actually have many model agencies in view of population. But I think that the most known are:
Estonian most famous model is Carmen Kass. At the age of fourteen, she was discovered in a Tallinn supermarket by an Italian modeling scout. Four years later, she moved to Milan and later Paris to pursue modeling quickly appearing in fashion shows for many top designer. She has graced a variety of magazine covers and in advertisements for brands as diverse as Calvin Klein, Chanel, Donna Karan, Givenchy, Fendi, Michael Kors, the Gap, Sephora.

But let's see who are my favourite models from leading Estonian agencies.

Firstly I have to mention of course Karmen Pedaru. She was discovered by Estonian agency MJ Model Management and has cooperated with Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Michael kors, Ferragamo and other big names.

Karmen Pedaru
Picture http://models.com/models/Karmen-Pedaru

 height: 1.80   
 bust: 85
 waist: 60     
 hips: 89    
 hair: dark blond    
 eyes: Green   
 shoes: 40  

More pictures MJ Model Management

From MJ Models Management I like also Anni Jürgenson. More pictures MJ Models Management .

I love Alexandra Tikerpuu from E.M.A Model Management. Girl with great pictures and magical eyes :).

height: 179/ bust: 79 / waist: 61 / hips: 87 /   hair: light brown / eyes: green / shoes 39

Monday, August 27, 2012

I found a very cool page on the Internet called Fashiolista http://www.fashiolista.com/. You can register there via Facebook. It is a site about clothes and fashion accesories, where you can follow other people styles and save and share items by yourself. You can also discover the fashionstores.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The contest "Moedepoo 2012" I won was the first fashion contest in my life. I think the preparation for contest took about 4 months. After work I spent much of my free time in the fabric store. At first I was depressed because I thought I would never find fabrics I need for my design. Estonian fabric stores are not really impressive and if there is something then it is very expensive. For my suprise I found most of my fabrics from the smaller cities than Tallinn (for example Paide Lipi-Lapi Äri and Rakvere).

The overall impression about Moedepoo 2012 organization was not good. The backstage was too far from the show place. We had to go from one house to another and it was raining outside. Lighting of the stage was poor so the photos were not so good. So I hope that next year the organizators will do it better.

I got to know at the last minute that I need model for every costume, but I had 8 costumes and 7 models. So I had to wear one costume myself and guess what it was ment to a smaller model but somehow I managed to wear it. And one of the models wore smaller dress also, so it did not give the effect I wanted. The dress was straining every where. In general I spent for this show over 1000 euros.


- seamstress > Maris Kaljumäe
- makeup > Brigitta-Rebecca Kessel
- hairdresser > Anna-Liisa Kupits
- photographer > Vahur Kannikka
- models > Hanna, Julia, Kadri, Kaisa, Kairi, Liisa, Pille-Riin

Below you can see pictures from the fashion show!

Model Kaisa

Model Kairi

Model Hanna

Model Julia

Model Pille-Riin

Model Liisa

Model Kadri

Model Kairi

Model Kaisa

Model Pille-Riin

Model Hanna

Model and desginer Egle

Flowers I got from my friends after the show :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hello world. I'm Egle. I think I can draw, but have never learned it (they say "art is to see the art in art). I guess I know something about fashion design, but I can sew as much as I learned in 12 years in school (and it is little). But still I won Moedepoo 2012 (in Estonia) on April 6 year 2012 in student category. I saw the advertisement in the newspaper and thought why not to try. I had nothing to lose, if only money, but it's better lose/spend money on your dreams.

I wanted to become fashion designer since I was little girl. But it took 25 years to get the courage to try designer profession not until year 2011 in December (the day I saw advertisement).

I had drawn many sketches earlier. Since I had no experience as a designer it was not easy. I did not know if I was doing right in choosing the models, sewer, fabric or costumes.

I have graduated the Public Service Academy (as administrative officer), so nobody expected from me to deal with fashion and the contest that I won. Personally I was not suprised because I believed in me. And I thought if I do not win then at least I tried and gave my best. Winning the contest gave me the statement that I am doing right thing and I should continue with it.

Right now I am at my comfort zone and working as a usual office rat. I am waiting for a push to start with my own business to offer people my creation. Perhaps the fear is stopping me. It is the fear of responsibility and inexperience.